With what problem in mind was daisi created?

Hey team!
Really an amazing project, loved the idea and the potential this holds.
Out of curiosity, how did you come up with the idea? Any background on what problem led to the birth of daisi?


Hi soul0101 !

We are glad you like it ! We are data scientists and we know first hand how difficult and frustrating it is to stand up code in the cloud for someone who has no Software Engineering or DevOps training. And this slows down innovation. It is difficult to run others code, to discover it, reuse it and deploy it.

With Daisi, key functions of your code are simply deployed as a service that can be called instantly. We are passionate about accelerating innovation, and it is with this in mind that we are developing Daisi :slight_smile:

We have a couple of blog posts on Medium (and more to come) which can be useful as well : https://medium.com/daisi


I’m a bit late to this topic, but wanted to say thank you for the kind words… @jmlaigle nailed it quite well. I think the fundamental use-case that first birthed the idea of Daisies was, how do we make it easier for fields adjacent to typical programming / computer engineering type work to have access to some of the tools that make their workflows easier?

The fundamental idea of a Daisi is not new - there are ways to deploy Python functions, call them as APIs, deploy and access web applications that utilize these functions, etc. But the solutions were subpar in a number of ways, particularly for those who are not software developers by trade. With Daisies, an existing GitHub repository of Python code (and in principle, plenty of other languages… more soon :slight_smile: ) can quite literally be served up in a matter of a couple clicks, in a full isolated environment, accessible from anywhere.

In other words, the power to complexity ratio is quite high - it enables a lot of functionality without requiring much investment in terms of learning the platform or customizing any pre-existing work to suit the Daisi platform.