Verification requested for Image Enhancement in Low Light Conditions

Hello Team!
I would like to apply for the verification of my Image Enhancement in Low Light Conditions Daisi.

Thank you.
Please find the necessary documents here. (6.9 MB)

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Would like mention that I used a Keras Subclass Model which can’t be exported as a YAML/h5/Pickle format. Therefore, the model is declared within the and loaded with the weights that were obtained after training.
Kindly ask any questions pertaining to this.

Hi @samdj , thank you for your submission! We are reviewing and will get back to you soon.

Hi @samdj . Great submission. Could you make one small modification. In your README, The passing and rendering section shows:

result = image_enhancement_in_low_light_conditions.enhance(i).value

Could you make sure it refers to the same variable name used above:

result = image_enhancement.enhance(i).value

Once fixed, your verification will be approved. Thanks a lot!

Oh, sorry sir. I just noticed that variable change. I have done the correction now.
Thank you!

@samdj Your Daisi has been verified! Thank you very much.