Verification requested for Artificial Face Generator

I would like to get my daisi Artificial Face Generator verified. (1.2 MB)

Hi @kali , thank you, we have received your submission! We are reviewing and will get back to you soon.

For sure please I’ll be glad to know any changes or addition if required.

Hi @kali , thank you for your submission. In the README, could you please provide code for conducting the analysis through PyDaisi, rather than through importing the code manually? (you’re welcome to include both, but for those with just the PyDaisi client available, having the code required to reproduce the analysis without needing to separately download the source modules are essential). Thank you!

Hi @erichare , I have checked your concern and updated the README, Now user can use the Daisi using both pydaisi module as well as manually. Now please verify the Daisi.

@kali Your daisi has been approved, thank you!

Hi @jmlaigle It has been two days but I haven’t received any of the response from your side regarding Daisi verification kindly respond with the feedback :slight_smile: