Regarding the Result announcements

Respected Panel,
Will Round 1 winners be announced along with Round 2’s or earlier?

Thank you

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Earlier - we expect to announce Round 1 winners towards the end of September (and Round 2 ends October 7).


Hey tilenius,
Due to some misunderstanding i only saved my submission as draft but didn’t actually submit it . I tried reaching out on hackerearth’s dicussion forum but didn’t get any reply. Can my submission be considered for round 1 . I worked really hard to create this project . You can check it out at .

(P.S. I also added Stable Diffusion, i would really like to hear your thoughts or any improvements i can make)

Hello Aryan,
We are looking into it, and we will get back to you by next week.

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hi laure, any updates ?

Hi @aryan : on our side, there is no problem to accept your submission. Just need to figure out with HackerEarth how to retrieve the draft that you submitted.

Well done on your Daisi, this is a fantastic resource! It would be amazing it you could also provide endpoints for each algorithms, you would just need to add a wrapper function for each of them in the script, and the Daisi platform will turn them into endpoints.

I received a call from HackerEarth regarding my incomplete submission for Round 2. I conveyed that I indeed did mine as an early Round 1 submission. Upon, asking about the results, I was informed that both the rounds’ winners would be announced together. Can you please confirm sir?