No Module named numpy

when I am trying to follow along the video: Hackathon Edge Demo and trying to Hit the API with Jupyter notebook as shown in video i am getting: No Module named numpy

cc: @erichare


Make sure to add a requirements.txt file to your Github repo, with all packages needed. Then delete and recreate the Daisi.

Hey @jmlaigle

Tried by adding requirements.txt deleted old daisi and created new one but still not working.

Can you send me the link to the Github repo (if it is public)? I am going to have look

Sure @jmlaigle LINK: GitHub - goldipatel12/Daisi-Hack-Demo: This contains the demo project from daisi hackathon starter kit.

Link to Daisi: Daisi platform

Error Message:

Could you retry by removing from your requirements all unnecessary packages (and so keep only numpy and scipy) and you don’t have to specify the version numbers for this simple example.
I suspect that there is either some incompatibility in the requirements file, or that the installation of one of these packages fail for some reason….

Hey @jmlaigle ,

I have made the necessary changes → copy pasted the whole code from daisi’s repo as it is and created a fresh daisi but still not working…

Can we check this issue at Daisi’s service end??

I just deployed successfully this Daisi, using your Github repo:

And I have been able to call it with pydaisi from my local environment:

import pydaisi as pyd
test = pyd.Daisi("laiglejm/Test")

import numpy as np
a = np.random.rand(100,100)


Actually your Daisi works fine too!

I have been able to call it with pydaisi:

import pydaisi as pyd
demo_1 = pyd.Daisi("amitpatel/Demo_1")

import numpy as np
a = np.random.rand(100,100)


The issue I see is that the Daisi is going to return a numpy object. So you need to import numpy locally to be able to handle this object…
Sorry I didn’t;t catch it earlier. It was working fine from the beginning. Just import numpy in your Jupyter notebook to do something with the returned object