Hackathon deadline extension!

We are excited to see the tremendous interest and progress many of you have made in The Very First Daisi Hackathon, with $10,000 U.S. in prizes !

Many of you have submitted incredible Daisies already! You can see some of the latest here. These are getting lots of good usage and promotion on the app.daisi.io platform and we will be doing some social media posts to promote submitted Daisies soon too!

Due to the strong interest, we have decided to extend the Hackathon deadline to August 15. For those of you who have already submitted Daisies, this is a plus as you will have MORE time to see your Daisies liked (starred) and called. You also now have more time to submit additional Daisies – and remember the more quality submissions, the better your odds of winning up to $10,000 in prizes!

Even though there is now more time to participate in the Hackathon, we encourage you to submit Daisies as soon as possible and create multiple entries. As you can see from the judging criteria, early submitters have an advantage, so don’t wait!

Pro Tip: Submitting early also gives you additional time to embed (or “daisy-chain”) previously submitted Daisies in other “Wrapper Daisies”. Or in other applications; this will increase the number of API calls those get. See this blog postfor an example of how to do this.

If you have questions, post them here as well as on our Slack channel.

And remember to check out our blogs and documentation sites too.We wish you much success and are excited to see all the creative ways you are using the Daisi platform!


I saw about this amazing hackathon and platform yesterday wish I had more time.

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I have question can I remove one of my submitted Daisi from the hackathon or It’s not possible?
Please replay ASAP.

Dear all,

Due to strong growth – both from the Hackathon as well as organically, our platform has experienced some issues over the last couple of days. Some of you haven’t been able to submit fully functional Daisies because of this. In order to make it fair for everyone, we will extend the deadline until this Friday Sep 9th 11:59pm Pacific Time. During the week, we will continue to scale up our infrastructure (including access to GPUs) to meet the extraordinary demand.

Thank you all for your participation and great feedback! The Daisi platform is a fantastic enabler for developers, and we will make sure that it answers your needs.

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