500 internal server error

500 Internal Server Error

Server got itself in trouble – in daisi this error is coming

info URL Daisi platform

but it working fine in streamlit with same git repo

Hi @t-v-karthikeya ,

Sorry about the error! I looked at the logs, and it seems like its because of a slight misspecification of the requirements. (it should be tensorflow-hub in the requirements, rather than tensorflow_hub - i opened a PR here: Update requirements.txt by erichare · Pull Request #1 · Karthikeya-t/Hackathons · GitHub (side note - i also explicitly specified an older protobuf version based on a warning i got locally, though im not sure this is required. You could try without that!)

I deployed the Daisi here and it seems to work now: Daisi platform

I’ll delete my copy once you confirm this fix does the trick for you. If you have any other issues, try to re-create the Daisi from scratch, which will force a requirements rebuild. And we’ve noted this error, as it should propagate some message to the user rather than just returning 500!

Let us know if that helps!


Hello sir,
Thanks for helping me,

Just face this error with other git repo
my daisi with 500 server error - Daisi platform

which worked well before nearly up to 50 calls but after that it is showing Server got itself in trouble

but as you told I tried to create a new daisi - Daisi platform

What should I have to do to avoid this next time?
if my API calls reach 100, it stops working then I won’t be in the race for most API calls category

Hi @t-v-karthikeya - I’m investigating this issue for you! I don’t think there’s anything magic about the number of calls, so i wouldn’t worry too much about that - In fact, as far as i can tell, i can call your Daisi from the PyDaisi client itself - so this is something specific to the Streamlit application.

We have some bug fixes related specifically to Streamlit apps that we are preparing for some issues that have been reported, and i think yours might be a symptom of one of them.

In the meantime, rest assured that we’re counting the calls for your Daisies for purposes of the API call category. I will let you know when we’ve pushed the fixes, and in the meantime, feel free to make your previous Daisi private, and create a new one. The calls from before and after will be aggregated together!